Chicago Area Mission Partnership

BATON ROUGE 2017 MISSION TRIP finds volunteers from Illinois, Michigan, and Texas together this week at the new Camp Restore Baton Rouge. August 2016 brought epic flooding to Baton Rouge and the team is in town this week to assist homeowners in the recovery process.

As volunteers arrived over the weekend, they rolled up their sleeves and went to work prepping/installing solid surface floors at Camp Restore (CR). Crews will continue to assist with the fortification of CR to make her mega-volunteers-ready, as well as a great deal of drywall work with homeowners, and several outreach projects in the community.

The 23rd Psalm is our theme and focus for the week. We will deconstruct, analyze, and reconstruct the Psalm this week, all the while wondering which part will speak to us individually.

Your prayers are requested for Chicago and Texas team members who were not able to join us this week due to illness and family emergency. Please also pray for Camp Restore and all whom we will meet along the path during our journey this week.

WOW!  Days fly by when you are having fun!  We have spent our days cleaning, constructing, mucking, laughing, reflecting, building relationships.....and making friends with a great group of Mommas!  

The Outreach team assisted the amazing Trach Mommas (parents/caregivers of individuals with a tracheostomy) in organizing and delivering donations to nearby Gonzales and the Cajun Commissary, part of the Cajun Navy, who rescued and helped so many during the flooding.

We have been busy around Camp Restore cleaning, organizing the tool crib, installing flooring, clearing brush, and enjoying a great campfire!  We have been spoiled by homeowner's with King Cake while drywalling, mucking, and doing general clean up.  We just love our brothers and sisters in Baton Rouge!  Enjoy the pics!